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Squatters that had been taking residence in an apartment building closed down last week for being above an illegal, music supporting bar were removed forcibly from the building this weekend.

Of the seventy-eight people who had chosen to remain in the building despite the eviction notice, many have now been left homeless after being ejected from their homes.

Alternative accommodation in hotels has been offered to these people, however many of them have turned it down. One woman, who spent her first night on the streets last night told us; “This is an outrage! Each and every one of us has been accused of knowing about the bar below us! I bought my apartment there because it was cheap, and now I've been thrown out. This is being handled in the worst possible way! The police have no right to throw people out of their homes like this!”

Indeed, she isn't the only one who thinks the situation has been handled badly, however the council has apologised for the actions of the police and have promised that alternative, and possibly permanent, homes are being arranged for those who did not have friends or relatives to turn to.

“Our investigations into the building have proven that even those people in the highest apartments would have been able to hear the music below them. It is the law to report establishments such as this one, and as such, every tenant of the building has been found to have broken the law.” A spokesman for the police force said.

Since the law prohibiting music came into effect five years ago, over 200 illegal stores, clubs and bars have been closed down and this number is steadily on the increase as the city's police force works diligently to uphold the law.

Rewards are being offered to those who report such places. If you suspect someone of breaking the law, you may contact the police.



With the attack on the 13th Precinct fresh in mind the City Council and police force started a new and more intense search for clubs, bars and music-related gatherings earlier this week.

A police spokesmen told us; "We have to show them that we're not going to back down. Music is against the law in this city and we will continue pursuing our duty to uphold the law, and to completely ban music from this city."

Of the four establishments that were closed this week, one music-supporting bar under an apartment building came under heavy attack. Police and government forces did not only close the bar but also evicted all the tenants living in the apartment building, 120 people in total, all of who have been accused of knowing about the illegal bar below them. Many of them have denied the accusations, however, and have refused to leave the building, leading to a struggle between the police and angry tenants.

"It's an outrage!" A young man, who wishes to stay anonymous, told the newspaper. "If they continue like this it will be no surprise if they find more of their buildings blown up in the future!"

There has been speculation that these harsh actions are a result of the police having to release the two suspects of the attack on the 13th Precinct two days ago as they did not have enough evidence to take them to court. It is still unknown whether the two have connections to the Mafia or the Rebellion and the way things are looking right now it is something we'll probably never know.

With the current developments many people in Rizumikaru are afraid that this will end up in a long-term war between the Rebellion and the police.



The streets of Rizumikaru erupted into chaos yet again this morning as explosions went off at a police station near to the center of the city. The 13th precinct was operating at full capacity this morning when the explosive went off on the third floor. According to firefighters, the explosive was powerful enough to bring down the entire structure. Not many were able to flee to safety.

"We're not sure who would do such a thing," commented the spokesman for the precinct, who wishes to remain anonymous. "These men and women, they're just trying to protect our citizens."

Currently, the body count is up to 34, with two dozen more injured and in the hospital. Of those 24, eight are in critical condition today. Those officers that survived will be reassigned to different precincts and an investigation is being immediately launched by the Public Safety Administration.

Said the Administration Chief for Rizumikaru, "We cannot imagine what kind of human being is capable of such atrocities. The death toll is higher than anything we have experienced so far. This is a terrible crime, and we cannot stand idly by while those who would do something of this nature freely roam the streets."

Two suspects are already in custody, though officials will not comment on whether their ties are related to the mafia or the underground uprising. Forces have been dispatched to look further into the situation, but as of yet, there has been no further information reported.